Labor recruitment process at BachDangTraserco

Recruitment process
Before submitting your application to BachDangTraserco, you need to pay attention to the following information:

Step 1: Research

Learn about BachDangTraserco through referrals or mass media to have a basis for your decision to apply if applicable. In addition, you need to understand the qualities, capabilities, and qualifications that BachDangTraserco needs in you through information on specific personnel policies and recruitment information.

Step 2: Prepare and submit the application

You can apply via email notified in recruitment information or directly at the Company Office.

The letter title or cover letter must specify the full name and position of the application

Job application is a photo file (no authentication required) In any case, your application will not be returned.

Your photo is a new photo taken in less than 6 months and is the original photo, not photoshop processed. You can take a selfie with your phone, camera … as long as you ensure clarity and faithfully reflect your image.

The cover letter is a typed version, not in the form available, in Vietnamese and an additional English version (if your vacancy requires English proficiency)

Your application file includes only the required documents in the employment information, no need to attach other documents such as identity card, household registration …

Files are edited and formatted in word document type ( ***.doc or ***.docx), or pdf, do not send image files or other formats, do not compress files to send. (Unless the recruitment notice requires you to submit an image file or another format)

Step 3: Select the profile and notify the prequalification interview schedule

Applications that meet the recruitment requirements will be reported directly to the applicant via the mobile phone number of the applicant along with a specific prequalification interview schedule.

In case the applicant does not arrange a time to participate in the interview due to objective reasons, he/she can register for the 2nd interview (if any).

We do not announce the results of the selection of records and interview lists for applicants who submit invalid applications according to the instructions or do not match the vacancy.

Step 4: Pre-qualification interview for the first time

You need to be on time to meet the interview time

Interview results will be announced on our recruitment website within 15 days from the interview date.

Candidates who meet the prequalification requirements will be notified directly by phone no later than 15 days from the interview date and announced the recruitment test schedule or the second interview (if any).

Step 5: 2nd interview and/or recruitment exam

The recruitment test will focus on the professional knowledge and job skills of the application position. The recruitment exam can be done in Vietnamese or English (if the position requires English proficiency) yours )

Exam results will be announced on our recruitment website within 15 days from the examination date.

Candidates who meet the examination requirements will be notified directly by phone no later than 15 days from the date of the examination and announced the plan for signing a probationary labor contract.

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