Haiphong Construction Business strives not to lose on their place

In the city, there are hundreds of construction companies involved in the construction of thousands of large and small projects. Construction companies in Hai Phong step by step affirmed the brand position, enhance the competitiveness, bring high efficiency in production and business, create more jobs for workers.

The Tam Bac River Improvement and Rehabilitation Project is entirely carried out by the construction companies of Hai Phong.


Executing many projects, large projects

With the traditional thickness of 60 years, Bach Dang Construction Joint Stock Company (BDCC) promotes its strength in the field of construction, constantly investing in depth, applying advanced science and technology. The Corporation and the capital companies formerly under the corporation such as Construction Corporation 204, 203, Bach Dang Import Export and Construction … use capacity, support the same development. In particular, the Corporation and the JSC under the system of BDCC executing many large projects in the city such as infrastructure projects in the North of Cam River new urban area; Lach Huyen international gateway port; renovating and embellishing Tam Bac river; An Duong Water Plant Phase 2; rainwater drainage, wastewater and solid waste management projects; Vinhom Imperial urban area of Vingroup Group in Thuong Ly ward; 6-storey building, People’s Committee office, People’s Committee of An Duong district; Bridge over the Nguyen Binh Khiem level … … The corporation undertakes a number of large projects in other provinces and cities such as Can Tho Cancer Hospital, Quang Ninh Multipurpose Competition Hall, High Road Ha Noi – Lao Cai … The enterprises focus on improving the bidding capacity, closely follow the bidding projects and works under construction to approach the next project nationwide. Thanks to this, the Corporation won many important projects such as infrastructure projects, traffic projects, thermal power.

Some other large construction investment companies in Hai Phong have gradually affirmed their success on the “home ground” such as Vietnam Joint Stock Company participated in the construction of infrastructure project of the new urban area north of Cam river. The tender packages of the Tam Bac river rehabilitation and embellishment project were implemented by 5 construction enterprises in Hai Phong. In addition, companies such as Construction Investment and Development Joint Stock Company, Infrastructure Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company, Ngo Quyen Construction Joint Stock Company, Construction Joint Stock Company No. 3, No.9. It also improves the quality, progress of works, projects implemented, increased competitiveness, expansion and development of the market. Construction Joint Stock Company No. 3 executed the third phase of the project of Huong Duong International Village with an area of about 1.3 ha for professionals working in Hai Phong with 3 buildings and 120 apartments.

Need to cooperate to improve competitiveness

With their efforts, construction units in Hai Phong are getting bigger contracts, ensuring enough jobs for employees in the coming years and contributing to the state budget. than. However, before the breakthrough momentum of the city with a series of projects, large-scale projects, Hai Phong construction enterprises should actively, actively improve their capacity and competitiveness to exploit more. then this exciting market.

Currently, many large projects of Vingroup Group and Sun Group are deploying in Hai Phong, but very few enterprises in Hai Phong have been put into operation due to high technical requirements of investors. Some other projects such as HH3, HH4 (Dong Quoc Binh), Hoang Huy Financial Services JSC are under construction, contractors are ECOBA Vietnam Joint Stock Company, not Hai Phong. Some other high-end urban projects of Hoang Huy, the five-star hotel project at 12 Tran Phu Street of Nhat Ha Co., Ltd. are few of Hai Phong’s enterprises participating in dozens of winning enterprises. construction. The project for infrastructure investment in the North Cam River has 10 contractors participating in the construction, of which 5 enterprises in other localities won the contract for construction of many important items. Hoang Van Thu bridge contracted by the contractor Cenco 1- Trung Chinh Hong Ha winning the contract, are large enterprises of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh …

Director of Thuy Ngan Construction Joint Stock Company Pham Thi Thuy said that with large projects requiring high construction capacity and complex techniques, few Hai Phong construction companies were able to win the bid, construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, complex structures. As a result, many of the Hai Phong construction enterprises usually undertake smaller subcontracts of large projects; construction of private housing projects; simple construction … In order not to “encroach” on the construction market is very exciting in Hai Phong, Hai Phong construction enterprises besides continue to improve the competitiveness, Work, step by step partnership, link to have enough force to take many large projects; Positive investment from high-tech human resources to modern construction equipment. At the same time, promoting the advantage of “home” to reduce costs when bidding for projects in the area.

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